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The MU Faculty Council approved a new finals week schedule this week that moves Reading Day to a Thursday and starts exams on Friday.

Council members are hopeful the change will be in place for the Fall 2009 semester. 

Under the policy change, classes would end Wednesday, with no classes Thursday and finals beginning Friday. Exams would end the following Thursday.

This would leave a Friday available for individual make-up exams.  If an exam day is canceled, it would be rescheduled for the now available Friday.

According to council member David Trinklein, the change was recommended to avoid a conflict between exams and graduation ceremonies, which typically start on a Friday and to provide the extra day in case of inclement weather.

Moving Reading Day eliminates a three day weekend students and professors had before exams started.

So, what are your thoughts?  Should the final exam schedule be changed?  Were you someone who used the three-day weekend to go home and prepare for finals there?  

You can post your comments here or on the article from the Columbia Missourian.


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Saturday morning Stephens College presented 27 bachelor’s and 25 master’s degrees to students who are now what President Wendy Libby calls “officially Stephens women and a few men.”

Monica Senecal, a radio personality on KPLA Radio’s “Chris & Monica in the Morning!,” gave the keynote address.  She is pursing a MBA at Stephens.  Senecal’s speech got the crowd laughing.  She said that when she was asked to address the crowd at the commencement ceremony she thought she was being “Punk’d.”

“My journey at Stephens and the graduate program has just begun, and I feel kind of like a kindergartner being asked to speak and give words of wisdom to the high school seniors,” Senecal said.  “So all I can say is naps, lots of naps, and milk and cookies whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Other speakers included students Meghan Manderschied and Lesley Thalhuber.

For more on the ceremony check out the  Columbia Missourian.

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