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Saturday morning Stephens College presented 27 bachelor’s and 25 master’s degrees to students who are now what President Wendy Libby calls “officially Stephens women and a few men.”

Monica Senecal, a radio personality on KPLA Radio’s “Chris & Monica in the Morning!,” gave the keynote address.  She is pursing a MBA at Stephens.  Senecal’s speech got the crowd laughing.  She said that when she was asked to address the crowd at the commencement ceremony she thought she was being “Punk’d.”

“My journey at Stephens and the graduate program has just begun, and I feel kind of like a kindergartner being asked to speak and give words of wisdom to the high school seniors,” Senecal said.  “So all I can say is naps, lots of naps, and milk and cookies whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Other speakers included students Meghan Manderschied and Lesley Thalhuber.

For more on the ceremony check out the  Columbia Missourian.


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Following nation-wide trends, MU wants to be smoke-free by 2014, said Chancellor Brady Deaton in an MU News Release today. Even outdoors. 

When students return from the winter break on Jan. 20, a new rule will be in place keeping smokers 20 feet away from all entrances to MU buildings or leased property. By 2011, there will be specified outdoor smoking areas. 

In September, legislation in Pennsylvania was passed to stop smoking on all state campuses. Students protested with “smoke-ins” because they felt they had no say in the matter. Can you see something like that happening in Columbia? The state is now considering changing the law to allow people to smoke in their cars if the windows are rolled up or on public streets. 

So what is your opinion? Is it simply a matter of health or are there other factors to consider?

To read more click here.

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Brady Commons, MU’s student union located in the heart of campus, will begin long-anticipated renovation in the next few weeks.  When students come back from Winter Break, there will be a new entrance and some other changes within the facility. Read on for more information about the new bookstore and and food location in an email from the University Bookstore:

“Renovation of Brady Commons will start at the end of the fall 2008 semester.  This means that starting in January 2009, Brady Commons will be closed and that students will use a new entrance to access food, the ID office, UMB Bank, MU Bookstore, and TigerTech.  To get your books or grab something to eat, students must enter through the main doors of the new bookstore, located at the SE corner of Hitt St. and Rollins Rd.  This is the only entrance to access these resources in the new student center.  MU Bookstore and TigerTech will close to the public Dec. 26-Jan 4th and will be open for business in their new location starting January 5th .  Campus Dining Services will begin serving take-out food options inside the new bookstore on the main level, beginning January 12, 2009.    For more information, visit www.mustudentcenter.com.”

Click here to read some past information about the renovation plans and a live webcam documenting the action.

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This evening Columbia College begins its holiday celebrations with an outdoor lighting ceremony. The event is free and open to the public. Don’t worry about standing in the cold for too long: a reception will follow in Dulany Hall. Santa will be there!

There will also be a holiday concert at 6:30. A $5 donation is requested.

If you go:

Lighting ceremony begins at 4:45 p.m. in Bass Commons (the lawn in front of St. Clair Hall at the corner of 10th and Rogers streets)

Santa will be in Dulany Hall at 5 p.m.

The Jane Froman Singers and Double Sextet will preform at 6:30 p.m. in Launer Aduitorium.

Check out this map of the campus so you don’t get lost!

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Missouri joins 48 other states in earning an “F” for higher education affordability, according to a study by a higher education think-tank.

The biennial study by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, which evaluates how well higher education is serving the public, handed out failing grades — Fs — for affordability to 49 states, up from 43 two years ago. Only California received a passing grade in the category, a C, thanks to its relatively inexpensive community colleges.

The report card uses a range of measurements to give states grades, from A to F, on the performance of their public and private colleges.

— The Associated Press

Click here for more story.

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satellite image

Courtesy of NOAA; satellite image

This morning, I layered on my clothes and zipped up a combination of jackets and fleeces before heading out the door to class, bracing myself for the burst of winter air I was sure I would encounter. As I stepped outside and began my trek to class, however, the warm sun penetrated through my fleeces and sweats and I began to sweat. I asked the friend I was walking to class what the temperature was, and she said that it was surely in the 60s. Where, yet again, did this unpredictable weather come from? A week ago I was shocked by the cold, and now I was shocked by the warmth. As I searched for the weather myself, I found that today’s weather was sunny and 60 degrees exactly.

I have decided to prepare for my day a little better by checking the weather online as part of my morning e-mail checking routine.  A good site to bookmark is weather.com or you can just check the Columbia Missourian home page as you read the morning news.

But what does the future hold? NOAA (or the National Weather Service) has a predictable and detailed 7-day forecast. You can also access advanced radar and satellite images for your local area, so you can do some weather predicting for yourself.

So what can we expect for tomorrow? Looks mostly clear, with a nighttime low of 15 degrees. Go figure.

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The Amazon Kindle will be the next big thing.  According to Wikipedia,

    “Amazon Kindle is an e-book reader—an embedded system for reading electronic books (e-books)—launched in the United States by prominent online bookseller Amazon.com in November 2007. It uses an electronic paper display, reads the proprietary Kindle (AZW) format, and downloads content over Amazon Whispernet, which uses the Sprint EVDO.”

In laymen’s terms, the Kindle is this totally awesome invention where you can read books on this tiny handheld gameboy-like thing.  You download entire books from the Internet for about $10.  Subscriptions to newspapers are available as well.  And if you only want to read the first chapter of a book, IT’S FREE! This handy device also comes with a built-in dictionary.  There will never be an excuse to not knowing the meaning of a word again!  

I recently read a review of the Kindle in Esquire.  At first, I was a little apprehensive about the Kindle, just like Barry Sonnenfeld.  However, we have both seen the light.  I know what I am asking for this Christmas…!

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