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Seem like there is too much to memorize for your final coming up?  An expert at Purdue University says a great way to study for exams is by actually testing yourself.

Jeffrey Karpicke, an assistant professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University says that additional learning is taking place when students practice retrieving the information just as if an actual test were taking place.

He also says don’t just practice doing this one time.  According to the release, doing it three or four times “can achieve big gains in learning.”

Here is the link to the entire news release if you are interested in learning more.


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With finals about to begin and summer so close, why not take a break from finals with a free late-night breakfast?

The Missouri Unions, Campus Dining Service, and Student Life are hosting a free late-night breakfast at the Bengal Lair in Memorial Union from 9:00 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. Sunday night.

According to the website, it will be a pancake and sausage breakfast.

This is also the beginning of the union being open for 24-hour service to accommodate those studying for finals.

Good luck!

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Goodbye Seniors

MU will bring the spring semester to a close and celebrate as the seniors finish their last week. More than 4,500 seniors will say goodbye to MU by walking through the columns on Francis Quadrangle towards downtown, symbolizing  their exit from the university. This annual ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 7 at 4pm. While the celebration honors seniors, everyone in the MU community is invited to attend.

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At the MU Spring General Faculty meeting on April 30, one of the hot topics was the makeup of the student body and the trends for the next school year. Anne Korschgen, vice provost for enrollment management, discussed the increase in students in five key areas.

  • Students are the first one in their family to attend college.
  • Students with an ACT score of 33 or higher.
  • Non-Missouri students
  • African American students
  • Hispanic students

Korschgen said these numbers have been climbing since 2001. In addition, MU had their highest retention rate this year and had 13% more applications filled out. Traditionally, about 40-45% of applications turned in end up enrolling in the university but the administrators expect that number to decrease this year based on the increase in applications and the state of the economy. She added that they have had 900 more applications for financial aid in the freshmen class than last year.

She said that while the numbers are increasing, it is still important for Mizzou to work hard to recruit even more students. Ideas that have been mentioned are attracting more out of state students, especially focusing on Indianapolis and Minneapolis, exploring new scholarshiping and reducing tuition for students in contiguous counties.

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