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You won’t be able to see through the textbooks, but a bill signed by Gov. Matt Blunt on Wednesday aims to make the information more transparent.

The Textbook Transparency Act, sponsored by Rep. Jake Zimmerman, D-Olivette, will require textbook publishers to make all items in a textbook bundle available separately, and disclose the cost of the textbooks to professors. Before passing the bill, the Missouri Senate amended it to state that the textbook companies would disclose the prices at which they would sell it to the University Bookstore, not the suggested retail price.


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Chris Kelly, the democratic candidate for the 24th Missouri House district, said supporters of the university need to “throw down and fight” in the next legislative session. Kelly was invited to speak by the MU chapter of the American Association of University Professors, and discussed his plans for higher education in Missouri if he were elected.

Kelly spent 12 years in the Missouri House of Representatives, from 1983-1994.

“During that time I came to learn what it takes to make the university successful in the legislature,” he said. Kelly said a politically motivated faculty, a risk-taking administration and Board of Curators and a caring Alumni Association are all assets the university must have to find success in the state legislature.

Higher education funding, especially at MU, has spurred lots of scrutiny from faculty and staff in recent years.

Kelly said passing the Prepare to Care initiative, a plan to increase the number of medical jobs in mid-Missouri, would be one of his main goals in the General Assembly.

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While flooding continues to ravage many areas in the Midwest, the Iowa University campus, located in Iowa City, has faced damage to buildings on campus.

The library at UI had about 2 inches of water in its basement, and about 11 campus research facilities were damaged because of flooding, according to The Daily Iowan. The good news, though, is that officials in Iowa City recently deemed extra sandbags unnecessary and shipped them back to southeast Iowa.

For online and video coverage of the flood, visit The Daily Iowan Web site.

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MU researchers developed a new form of cancer treatment with tremendous potential.

The research team used a combination of drugs to attack breast cancer cancer in multiple ways: one drug to stop tumor growth by returning an abnormal protein to normal function, and another that destroys the blood vessels that feed the tumors. According to the team, no one has previously attempted this method.

“Tumors are entities that want to live,” Salman Hyder, biomedical sciences professor and author of the study, said in a news release. “In order to effectively treat tumors, treatments must attack the breast tumor cells and the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the tumor. Treatment strategies in our study that targeted both areas resulted in improved and more potent responses.”

The researchers used mice, bearing tumors of human origin, and gave them the drug combination to combat the tumor growth.

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MU’s Sinclair School of Nursing will be under new management starting August 1.

The school will welcome Dr. Judith Fitzgerald Miller as it’s new dean. She will be replacing current dean, Jim Thompson.

Right now, Dr. Miller is the interim dean, and associate dean for graduate programs and research for the College of Nursing at Marquette University in Milwaukee.

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It’s so easy, even a caveman can do it.

No really, those cavemen were more innovative than we think. MU researcher Bryan E. Jones and professor of MU Department of Anthropology R. Lee Lyman (and team) have found recent evidence in connection with the technological advancement and evolution of the prehistoric bow and arrow, by studying the difference in arrow heads from three regions across the nation.

Read the story here.

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Like the finer things in life?

Then open up that planner and pencil in the opening reception of the University of Missouri Art Department on June 12th, from 4-6pm. It will be held in the George Caleb Bingham Gallery in A 125 Fine Arts Building on campus.

It will feature works by Professor Emeriti, William Berry, Robert Bussabarger and Oliver Schuchard, creating Part One of their Lifetime Achievement Showcase. For more info, call 882-3555.

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